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Switch for sparkling acapela.tv!

Digalo has been created several years ago by Acapela Group, to establish a place where users could find helpful talking applications.

Since the Digalo initiative, speech capabilities have experienced tremendous changes and Acapela Group, as an innovative player of voice solutions, has recently launched Acapela.tv, a new sparkling laboratory of talkative ideas and applications to be shared on line with your contacts and friends.

As the result of speech solution leaps and innovations, Digit, the clip board reader for PC provided on Digalo.com will no longer exist.

To keep speech empowering your world with natural and pleasant tones, please take a look on the websites of two partners who have developed smart applications using Acapela High Quality voices:

For PC use: Textaloud

For Mac use: Convenienceware

And share the speech experience online with www.acapela.tv.